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* The new Policy in Hefei :The new resource cars may have a price of best order
* Shaanxi highway traffic mileage totaling more than 170000 kilometers
* Liu xiaoming, the Vice minister of transportation,declared that the touring car and inter...
* The Macrolink Group invested 50 million dollars on LeSee
* Intel CEO reiterate his determination to enter the field of smart cars
* Australia recalls Mercedes-Benz
* Only 20% electric vehicle has the chance to get subsidies.
* Economy running smoothly of Guangzhou Production capacity of new energy vehicles increase ...
* Jaguar Land Rover Public Ltd.C(Shanghai) is recalling parts of their imported Landrover ca...
* Shanxi Victory Investment Group Hold a new energy Electric auto vehicle Conference
* British passenger car production rose 16% in April exports supply increased by 24%
* Chrysler (China) Motors Ltd. recalled some imported vehicles called FreeLight
* 35 million is the upper limit of Chinese car annual production and sales
* Toyota China sales in March Rose 40.6% year-on-year
* Beijing will eliminate 200000 old cars in 2016
* China''s 2015 electric car sales is the first in the world, sold 370000 vehicles around th...
* Prime Minister Report, Guiding the Automotive Industry to Run Fast and Well
* Germany''s new car sales increased 12.1% in FebruaryVolkswagen increased 4%
* Quantity of Cars in MexicoCity increased 145% in 10 years
* Annual growth ring TOYOTA sales target this year only increased by 2.45%
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