Shanxi Victory Investment Group Hold a new energy Electric auto vehicle Conference
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          Shanxi Victory Investment Group held a new energy conference on 3th June. The first new energy auto vehicle come out.
          Development policy of automobile industyr new energy vehicle country industry enterprise research and development、manufacturing industry chain supported by advanced  welding self-develped。Shanxi Victory Group, according the Development Policy of Automobile Industry and the NDRC(National Development and Reform Commission) New Energy Vehicle Manufactury Permission Rules and the country, industry and enterprise standard, research and develop the manufacturing industry chain, supported by advanced vehicle producing, painting, welding and fitting equipments, basis on traditional gas vehicle self-developed “victory electri auto vehicle” acchieve the MIIT Road motor vehicle production enterprises and product announcements(No. 285) product declared on 24th May, 2016.
       Victory New Energy Auto Vehicle is a low pollution zero eemission environmentally friendly, green vehicle, better than traditional gas vehicle. Simple, save, reliable operation, no strong noise or vibration during driving, can reduce your running cost and also contribute to the environment protecting.The Victory New Energy Vehicle has a classical style, and the appearance can reflect the “Green, Environment friendly”, Chinese style, the grand design of bumper and body, combining front headlight seems luxury. The vehicle use Sanyuan lithium-ion battery(nominal voltage 324V), in the middle of two stringers of the automobile chassis, use the reliable power management system and CAN system, permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM), power rating/peak power: 18KW/45KW, rated speed 3000r/min, peak speed 8000r/min, electric motor power rating/speed/torque(kw/r/min/N.m)18/3000/57, peak power/speed/torque(kw/r/min/N.m)45/8000/180. Motor arrangement: transversely, directly combine to the rear axle, transmission stable and hign machanical efficiency, rated operational voltage: 324V. Size of vehicle: 4330mm*1650mm*1920mm. Fuel: pure electric. Vehicle steering: traditional classical steering wheel. Total weight of vehicle: 190KG. Total load: 640KG(inclding people) capacity of driver’s cabe (2,2 3). Optional cab capacity: 5 person, against load capacity 510KGM 285KG. Close top of vehicle, can chose front fog light. Long continue mileage: 233KM, the running cost is much lower than fuel vehicle of the same kind. Charge fast and convenient, normal charge 12 hours (100%), the fast charge joint only 3 hours.(From No. 1 Commercial Car 

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