Liu xiaoming, the Vice minister of transportation,declared that the touring car and internet reservation car should compete fairly to make sure the public share the welfare
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     July 28,in this afternoon, the state council information office held a conferenceintroduced the guidance"about deepening reform to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry guidance"(hereinafter referred to as the "guidance"),"Interim measures for taxi booking network management" (hereinafter referred to as the "interim measures").The responsible person of  ministry of communications, ministry of public security and general administration of quality supervision answered questions about the relevant conditions.

    According to Liu xiaoming,the vice minister of transportationintroducedthe taxi management is the main part of the city people's government responsibility, There is a big difference between the size of the cities, public transport development level, congestion and so on. How to position the city taxi, such problems as how to consider the city taxi development scale, It’s need to determine by each city government

     In the process of central set file, giving a very clear suggest in  the general direction.such as the rental car positioning,it’s a part of the urban comprehensive transportation system, as for the supplement to public transport,itis a personalized service, overall positioning is priority to develop the public transport, moderate development of the taxi. This is both the need of traffic, also is our country for energy conservation and emissions reduction, realize the needs of the development of green.
     In addition, in the aspect of system for cruise vehicle management of this important reform "gap", management to realize phase limit, free of charge, the corresponding cities gradually adjusted one by one according to the situation. There are two main reasons: one is to make a cruise car and web about in a fair competition market environment; The second is to reduce the burden of passengers. Because the management of the paid in the operating cost is passed on to the price. In this case, on the one hand, needed of fair competition of the two forms, on the other hand is a bigger city government at a disadvantage to the people, so in this aspect has carried on the specific system design.
   In the face of new formatsand  facing the people personalized travel demand, hoping that the new internet reservation touring car service will be transformed and upgraded. In addition, also hope that through the network to the public about car incremental to better achieve the diversified travel service,and the better rental service experience. Specific to each city, how to effectively the dynamic control of the cab and net of some car prices as well as a vehicle to use fixed number of year and make sure right also left to the municipal people's government decision. (source: xinhua car)
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