Prime Minister Report, Guiding the Automotive Industry to Run Fast and Well
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      Along with our country economy entering the new normal, new car production and sales growth rate dropping significantly. At the same time, the industry development brought about by the increasingly prominent problems such as congestion and pollution, our current country automobile industry structure and growth mode need to be adjusted. How to straighten out the development of the auto industry has become the focus of each car practitioners
      On March 5, Premier Li at the 12th National People's Congress four conference at the opening ceremony for the government work report, out in the important position of auto industry, the government looks forward to the auto industry on the supply side structural reform, the economic development, plays an important role in building a well-off society.
Keywords: 1 Eliminate old car
      Comprehensive promotion vehicle fuel the five standards, eliminate old car 3.8 million, focus to reduce emissions and vehicle emissions, atmospheric pollution in key areas shall defense from spreading.
      Comments: the government work report, want to perserve, sky blue, beautiful China self-identify and clear water.In-depth implementation of the action plan for the control of air, water and soil pollution, strengthen ecological protection and restoration, especially remarkable progress was made in governance big aerosol haze, above ground level and urban air quality days rate more than 80%.Below-standard emissions vehicle as an important source of air pollution, to completely withdraw from the stage.
Keywords: 2 Dissolve excess capacity
      Adhere to the market reversed transmission, enterprise main body, local organization, the central support, the use of economic, legal, technical, environmental protection, quality, safety, strictly control new capacity, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, orderly exit excess capacity.
      Comments: as the backward production capacity, the establishment of the exit mechanism is expected to have more "zombie" companies to gradually retreat city, which is beneficial to optimize production capacity, promote the formation of a unified market, the automobile industry to further promote the marketization of the industry.
Keywords:3 Reduce the financial burden on enterprises
      Moderately expand the fiscal deficit, mainly for the tax cuts JiangFei, further reduce the financial burden on enterprises.From May 1, all new real estate enterprise contained into the VAT deduction scope, to ensure that all industry tax only does not increase.
      Comments: as a traditional manufacturing industry, automobile enterprise's profit is not high, but tend to be heavier taxes on companies of a mountain, many cars entrepreneurs have complained in the past, want to do can't do it.The government work report in the proposed tax cuts for the enterprise loosening, or is expected to stimulate the enterprise vitality, let the dream car power way more smooth.
Keywords 4: Dig domestic demand
      Active second-hand car market, speed up the construction of urban parking lot and new energy vehicle charging infrastructure.
      Comment on: under the background of the new car market gradually slow, used cars and new energy automobile market will become the future market of strong growth.It conforms to the moderate increase aggregate demand, and actively adjust the structure reform demand, supply and demand to promote effective docking.  
Keywords: 5 Gold brand made in China
      Expand international cooperation capacity, adhere to the enterprise, government promotion and marketing, the implementation of a batch of major demonstration project.Driving equipment, technology, standard, service, go out and build brand made in China.
      Comments: as the "area" strategy is put forward, there will be more car companies borrow dongfeng go out policies, but go easy, take root.Due to the automobile industry chain is longer, the layout of the overseas automobile enterprises face various problems such as factory, perfect after-sales service.Brand output is a system engineering, not only need to enterprise own efforts, also need policy support energetically.(source: China automotive news network)

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