China''s 2015 electric car sales is the first in the world, sold 370000 vehicles around the world
Sort:NEWS   Time:2016-3-24 16:04:29

      According to Russia's "new ideas" news network ,“green car" concept in recent years is becoming more and more popular with the big automakers. In this field, China with 370000 sales becomes the highest electric car sales country in 2015.    
      According to statistics, China has more than 497000 residents drive electric cars to travel. Electric car maker committee that by 2020, the number of electric cars will turn over a few times. In addition, the Chinese engineer committee that specialized energy electric car service station of 5 million cars can be established in China by 2020.
      It is reported that in 2015, global has sold more than 600000 electric cars a year. Nissan motor co., the United States, tesla's motor company, BMW ag and general electric car production all make electric cars. In 2016, Porsche also plans to join the ranks, it has invested nearly $1 billion on the project. (source: Global Network)  

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