Shaanxi highway traffic mileage totaling more than 170000 kilometers
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  Xi’an Aug. 24 (xinhua, Du honggang) Shaanxi Provincial highway bureau, the center of the expressway toll collection have expressed the “The Shaanxi Highway Network Running White paper in 2015”. It says, by the end of 2015, the total highway traffic mileage of Shaanxi province is 170,000 kilometers. Among this mileage, there are 5094 kilometer is expressway. Which means the original national freeways parts completed in Shaanxi, the “one day traffic circle” completed between the center city and the surrounding areas.

   In 2015 Shaanxi have completed 627 kilometers new expressway, 3000 kilometers of common trunk highways, more than 10,000 kilometer of rural roads have be upgraded,  5300 kilometers of the life protection, and 1,0388 linear meter of the complete set for Bridges .

   After the “The Twelfth Five” national highway maintenance management check, Shaanxi listed in the 13th, continue to maintain a higher level. For example, the highway pavement performance index, the average PQI mark, is 93.5. It’s a optimal level, priced by the 99.49% of fine rate. And the top five of highway pavement performance evaluation is: the airport dedicated high-speed, the Yanxi high-speed, the Luoshang high-speed, the ten-day high-speed and the Yushang high-speed. (Source: Xinhua news agency)
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