Quantity of Cars in MexicoCity increased 145% in 10 years
Sort:NEWS   Time:2016-3-24 15:42:09

      Mexico “The Economist” on March 17 reported that, the growth of car during 1994-2004 was 45 percent, and especially in the area where is the Mexican capital has 8.5 million cars in 2014, which has incresed 145% compared with 3.3 million in 2004. And the estimated number of 2015 is 850 million. Increasing of cars cause traffic congestion and air quality is getting worse. According to Mexico's National Bureau of Statistics, the number of cars in Mexico is incresing annually 473,000, 1295 per day, 54 per hour.

      The 56.5% of the 8 million vehicles which are running in MexicoCity were registered in the MexicoCity, and the remaining cars were registrated in the 18 cities around the capital in the State of Mexico. (Source: Ministry of Commerce Network)

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