Annual growth ring TOYOTA sales target this year only increased by 2.45%
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       Sales in China in 2014 is not up to Toyota Motor Corporation, 2015 to regain a bureau. Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. 5th released results that Toyota Motor Corporation 2015 annual market sales in mainland China reached 1,122,500, an increase of 8.7 percent, which is the best history of sales
       By 2015, Toyota sales target of 1.1 million in China, which was originally Toyota 2014 sales target in China, but affected by the slowdown in the Chinese automobile market, Toyota's 2014 sales in China and ultimately failed to achieve the expected. Therefore, Toyota launched again in 2015 to 1.1 million attack, which would be more sales of 1.03 million in 2014 an increase of 6.8%, an increase of only about half of the 2014. From the current situation, in the case of Toyota in 2015 further slowdown in the Chinese automobile market, relying on the new Highlander SUV, and small and medium sized Corolla car strategy, force Ralink other models, the smooth realization of the ultimate goal.
       It is surprised that the Chinese automobile market in 2015 significantly outperformed the broader market, Toyota, the target for 2016 wasvery cautious. Toyota (China) noted that aspects of the 5th, 2016 will continue to work together with partners, to continue to promote a dual engine as the representative of the new energy saving models simultaneously, will promote more in-depth localization strategies, and strive to sale in the Chinese market reached 1.15 million.
       Toyota since the end of October 2015 launch of the Corolla dual-engine and Ralink double majors, both domestic hybrid vehicles currently on the market performance exceeded all expectations, including Corolla dual engine sales (as of January 5, 2016) has reached 9268 , Ralink double majors sales (as of December 27, 2015) 8465. Earlier plans by Toyota, the total monthly sales target these two new models is 5000, but now only a monthly sales near 5000.
       However, a good momentum of growth in 2015 as well as two new cars helped push dual engine, Toyota's sales in 2016 will only increase over 2015 27,500, an increase of only 2.45%. Toyota (China) spokesman Niu Yu accept the "First Financial Daily" reporters interview talking about the past, Toyota's average annual growth rate in China is about 8 to 9 percent, while the 2016 sales target plan which mainly from the Toyota 2015 annual sales situation, the Chinese automobile market overall anticipation, product introduction and production system and other aspects to consider. While the Corolla dual-engine and twin engine Ralink market performance exceeded expectations, but due to considering the parts supplier capacity and after-sales service and other factors, will not significantly increase sales target.The company still adhere to the "ring management"concept as a guide, the pursuit of sustainable and healthy growth.

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