Intel CEO reiterate his determination to enter the field of smart cars
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    After missing the fantastic opportunity to develop the smart phone,chipmakers--Intel corporation hope it can get the advanced status in smart car field.Intel chief executive   officer Brian Krzanich reiterate his goals and determination to enter the field of smart cars in Fortune Brainstorm Tech held by ¡¶Fortune¡·magazine.Krzanich admit that It’s too late for Intel to enter the mature mobile phone industry.
    Krzanich emphasizes that Networked cars(including pilotless automobile)represents the next frontier in the mobile field.In order to participate in the web of things,the car need a rich supply of data.But Intel, Google ,AT&T etc,all devote themselves to intelligent automobile.Krzanich said that now It’s too late to enter the intelligent mobile phone industry,but we can concentrate in the real mobile field.
   The reason why Intel change its strategy is because PC sales fell sharply,but the latter is the Intel’s core business.Krzanich said that as the whole world become based on Cloud computing,Intel plan to integrate personal computers,data centers,web of things,as well as the chips and other business,to build a self-sufficiency strategy.
   At the same time, Intel also try hard to research chips for intelligent mobile like personal computer.But in mobile devices,Intel processors is not as high as the product of Qualcomm and other competitors.Intel has previously supported the wrong wireless technology-Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access£¨WiMax£©,and other corporations in this field focus on LTE.
    Krzanich said that Intel don’t want to make the same mistake in intelligent vehicle field.Whether it is an pilotless automobile or cellular network connection technology into the car,Many corporations have seen the importance of the intelligent vehicles.AT&T has get cooperation with many car makers about connecting network with its car.
    For Intel,they believe that they can’t build the best car without talented person come from car field,so they will continue to cooperate with industry experts.

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