Only 20% electric vehicle has the chance to get subsidies.
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    To further improve the capacity of new-energy vehicle and accelerate industry transformation and promotion, management team of  China New-energy Vehicle industry convene a meeting at Anqing. Speaking of the current status of pure-electric vehicles, G.M of Tianjing QINGYUAN electric vehicle Co.,Ltd, Mr. Dou Ruzhen indicates that the subsidies is a essential factor to extend the application of pure electric vehicles. But the fact is that only 20% has chance to get the subsidies.

   Dou further indicates that, in 2015, we have capacity of 46,000 vehicles, about 31.16% of total market, which has become the main force of new energy vehicles. Even though , to get subsidy from government , vehicles has to much the governmental standards of energy consumption.
Whats more, there is about only 20% of pure electric vehicle can reach the standards. Due to the limitation of current technology, pure electric vehicle has to change accordingly. It results in that some vehicle cannot reach the standard and are not recommended.
   Dou also predicts that , in future, the market will have following trend:
1. with the advancing of battery and components, vehicle will increase the continuation of journey.
2. Design change will lighten  the vehicle.
3. Battery weight cannot surpass 25% of total vehicle weight.  This discipline will obsolete some products. On the contrary, increases the quality and structure of electric vehicles.
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