The new Policy in Hefei :The new resource cars may have a price of best order
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     Recently, the Anhui Price Fixing Bureau,together with other 3 apartments,realeased “The instruction of improving the fee policy of parking motor vehicles ” ,our province will encourage those who have  the race competition about charging the parking fees,and we will also encourage and guide the social capital to establish the parking facilities.The encouragement of parking fee will be adjusted with the condition of traffic jam,and in the meanwhile,we encourage the short parking automobiles and parking new resource car with a preferential policy. 
    With the construction of social capital,the parking fee can be fixed freely.
    It is reported that the new constructed parking facilities mainly include two sorts, the full investment of social capital and the collaboration of gorverment and social capital,of those two sorts ,how they will chaege the parking facilities will be firmed according to the legislation of price and relavent provision by the operators,and they will charge flexible according to the market demand and competitive situation.In addition to those monopolized industry and the parking facilities of social welfare.
   As for the construction of parking facilities under government and social capital cooperation(ppp)will maily choose the investors through tender ,competitive negotiation and other competitive ways .The specific charging standard will be fixed in general by the government and social investors under the rules of market and resonable profit.Different places should adjust the charging standard immidiately when the realavent laws and cost change and the  the changement of supply and demand.
    Parking will be charged ny steps
    The Anhui Price Fixing Bureau says that our government encourages different regions implementing different charges with their actual situation,like different regions,different places,different cars and different time periods,and they should also restrain the unreasonable demand of parking and relieve the city’s traffic jams,so it will promote effecially the priority of development of public transportation and the use of public ways.There will be a benefit for short-parking cars and new resources cars parking,
    The charge of parking facilities in different regions should be varied with different supply and demand of parking situations,and it should also considerate the distrubution fo raods,the level of the development of public transportation,the status of traffic jams and other factors to divide different regions to charge differently.For those regions which have a large demand of suppky and demand ,and those regions with prominent contradiction ,we can set a high price,and for those low demand of supply and less prominent contradiction areas,we can charge less.For those parking facilities for the transition of public transportation in the urban area,we should charge in a low price.  
    For the charge of parking facilities in the same area,it shall be varied with the position of parking facilities,the period when the cars park,the type of cars and so on,it shall follow the rules of “inside the road shall be higher than outside,parking in the rush hour shall be higher than idle time”,and make different standards of service,It shall expand the charge proprely when considerationg of the parking facilities of inside and outside the road,to instruct using the parking facilities outside the road.
    For the parking facilities around transportation area the near area,we encourage the charge by step when the parking time passses a certain time ,It shall fix a reasonable charge standard of parking according to the difference of occupying parking resource among different types of cars.It shall fix a resonable way of the charge of parking time,and reduce the time of charging gradually,and accelerate the technology of  electronic payment,(Source:Hefei online) 
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