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Besides offering best product to you, we also use meticulous service to free you from after worries. Ensuring customers to get perfect after service is our commitment. For this, we have set up complete regulations and rules of after services and top-ranking work hands.

Product Quality Assurance:
On basis of the customer as the God, we promise solemnly : we guarantee that all Jinfei products are qualified, all customers will enjoy complete service and credit guarantee when selecting Jinfei products.

After Service Clerks:
Businessmen and technical personnel equipped accordingly.

Operation Processes:
1. Product return follows the principle of maintaining first, replacing second and returning the last.
2. In course of goods inspection and use, if quality problem discovered, clients please contact responsible businessmen of Jinfei first for treatment to return or change products.
3. If to-door service needed, customers please contact our businessmen first, who will get in touch with our technical personnel. For clients within the province, technical personnel will arrive in 24 hours, otherwise arriving in 3 days.

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