Xia Zhijian, Deputy Head of Jindong District, Jinhua City, Together with His Delegation, Visited Vossen Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for Investigation and Research
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     Recently, Xia Zhijian, Deputy Head of Jindong District, Jinhua City, together with his delegation, visited Vossen Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for investigation and research. Liu Wenqing, General Manager of Vossen, and others warmly welcomed Deputy Xia and his delegation, and accompanied them to visit the production site.

       As machines operate at the workshop site, each production line is running at full power and the factory is in full swing. Mr. Liu introduced Deputy Xia and his delegationthe basic situation of Vossen, which is established as an important measure of Jinfei to successfully implement the internationalization strategy, integrate resources, expand foreign markets and ensure the company's sustainable and healthy development. In February 2019, construction of Vossen Company started and it’s first phase was completedin November of the same year. From the establishment to production of Vossen, "Jinfei Speed" was once again verified in a foreign country. In order to give full play to its advantages and further expand the market, the factory will upgrade and transform the existing equipment for further steps, continuously improving its automation capability and fully optimizing production management.
        Deputy Xia listened carefully to the introduction, fully affirmed the development of Vossen Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and said that under the multiple pressures of repeated epidemic, global inflation and energy crisis, this overseas plant of Jinfei was able to present such a thriving scene, which is really commendable and laudable. He also hoped that Jinfei could continue to give full play to its wisdom, drive more Jinhua enterprises to take the initiative to develop at abroad, and gain more opportunities for international cooperation, promotingand accelerating the development of Jinhua's economy.
        Taking this visit as an incentive, Jinfei will strive to promote the construction of its overseas factories while developing domestic enterprises, and make unremitting efforts towards the corporate vision of "becoming a domestic-leading and world-class expert in intelligent manufacturing services in aluminum alloy parts related industries".
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