Xing Xiangjun, Vice Mayor of Fengcheng Municipal People''s Government, Together with His Delegation, Visited Jinfei Intelligent Factory of Automobile Wheels for Investigation
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        On the morning of November 21, Xing Xiangjun, Vice Mayor of Fengcheng Municipal People's Government, together with his delegation, visited Jinfei Intelligent Factory of Automobile Wheels for investigation. Ge Xiyun, Vice President of Jinfei Kaida, and others warmly welcomed Vice Mayor Xing and his delegationand accompanied the whole reception.

       Vice Mayor Xing Xiangjun and his delegation visited the production site and the supervision and operation center of Jinfei Intelligent Factory of Automobile Wheels. At the production site, Tang Zhibin, Director of the factory, introduced the basic situation of the intelligent factory and the entire production process of the automobile wheel hub from scratch. This newfactory was completed and put into operation in October this year. Compared with the traditional factories, this intelligent factory of automobile wheels uses a large number of advanced technologies to realize Equipment Digitalization, Process Digitalization and Operation Digitalization. The wheel hub here is made of raw materials through a series of processes such as smelting, casting, heat treatment, machining and painting, etc. The MES system can track and record the entire production process of raw materials converted to finished products. By scanning the QR-code on the product, people can view the production data of the product, truly realizing Production Visualization.
       During the visit to the supervision center, Vice Mayor Xing and his delegation carefully watched the analog video of automobile wheel hub production and the corporate promotional film of Jinfei. Vice President Ge introduced the development history, future prospects, digital and transparent management mode of Jinfei. Jinfei has a history of more than 60 years since its establishment, and at present, it is constantly carrying out intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises through technology empowerment. The supervision center is capable of collecting information of on-site production, industry, equipment and quality in real time to provide decision-making basis for managers. In the future, Jinfei hopes to become the domestic leading and international first-class intelligent manufacturing service expert in aluminum alloy parts related industries.
        At the end of the visit, Vice Mayor Xing highly praised Jinfei as a powerful and responsible enterprise, and it was never easy to continue to cultivate in manufacturing industry for more than 60 years. He also hoped that both sides could take this visit as an excellent opportunity to strengthen communication and achieve win-win results.
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