Yu Xiuming, Secretary of Yichun Municipal Party Committee, Together with his Delegation,Visited Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Hub Co., Ltd. for Investigation and Research
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      On the morning of October 28, Yu Xiuming, Secretary of Yichun Municipal Party Committee, together with his delegation, accompanied by Xu Jieqiang, Secretary of Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee, and Gong Shipei, Vice Chairman of Fengcheng CPPCC and other relevant leaders, visited Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Hub Co., Ltd. to investigate and publicize the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress. Yang Zhigang, Chairman of Jiangxi Jinfei Hub Co., Ltd., and General Manager Feng Yanjun, warmly welcomed Secretary Yu and his delegation, and then accompanied the visit of Jiangxi Jinfei Hub Co., Ltd.

      Feng Yanjun, General Managerof Jiangxi Jinfei Hub Co., Ltd., introduced the production, operation situation and industrial layout of Jiangxi Jinfei in detail to Secretary Yuand his delegation. Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Hub Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Hub Co., Ltd., has an annual production capacity of 5 million integral wheel aluminum alloy electric car hub. The company mainly produces aluminum alloy motorcycle and electric vehicle hub products, supporting the world famous electric vehicle manufacturers such as Yadi and Emma. At the same time, Mr. Yang said that the implementation of Jinfei's project in Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province is of great practical significance to the development of green circular economy. It’s using the rich renewable aluminum resources in the park, and producing high value-added products, so as to maximize economic benefits, and gradually drive the local to form the full industry chain focusing on recycling, demolition, smelting and deep processing, forming a cluster of deep processing industries.
      After listening to the introduction of Mr. Feng and Mr. Yang, Secretary Yu highly affirmed the concept of Jiangxi Jinfei to deeply promote the healthy and green development of circular industry, continuously extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, and improve the supply chain, enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises by relying on scientific and technological innovation. He also appreciated Jinfei's approach of targeting the market and customer demand, continuously increasing the investment in scientific and technological research and development, and accelerating the advancement of high-end, intelligent, and green manufacturing.
      Secretary Yu emphasized that enterprises should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and fully implement the major requirements of "preventing epidemic, stabilizing economy, and ensuring safe development". He also hoped that Jinfei would closely follow the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that we must adhere to the focus of economic development on the real economy, and constantly innovate and make persistent efforts to promote new industrialization.
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