Zhu Chonglie, Secretary of Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, and his Delegation Visited Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Wheel Co., Ltd. for Investigation
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  In the afternoon of September 19, Accompanied by Gao Feng, Secretary of the Wucheng District Committee of Jinhua City, Zhu Chonglie, Secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Committee of the CPC, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for investigation. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of the Group Company, warmly welcomed Zhu and his delegation and accompanied them to visit the future factory of Jinfei Intelligent Wheel Manufacturing.

       At the site of the future factory project, General Manager Ge introduced to Secretary Zhu that the intelligent motorcycle wheel was awarded the "future factory" in 2021. The factory introduced advanced automation equipment at home and abroad, used new generation information technologies such as 5G, intelligent identification, AI and digital twins for management, realized the digitalization of equipment, operation and process, and reduced human factors in the production process through machine replacement, Improve production efficiency and product quality.
       In the supervision center, Mr. Ge introduced and displayed the current production and management of the future factory of intelligent manufacturing motorcycle wheel in detail. Under the requirements of the concept of future factory, the intelligent manufacturing motorcycle wheel leads the enterprise reform and transformation with digitalization, and implements low-carbon production with information technology as the main support. The supervision center uses the Internet of Things, Beidou positioning, cloud platform and information integration technology to achieve real-time collection of on-site production, process, equipment and quality information; Positioning and tracking of logistics vehicles; Centralized imaging of monitoring images; And the real-time monitoring and analysis of energy consumption data provide a decision-making basis for the company's production, energy conservation, safety and environment.
       Finally, Secretary Zhu affirmed the achievements of the future factory of intelligent manufacturing Molar, and asked about the problems encountered by enterprises in the process of digital transformation. He said that the government would strengthen policy guidance and incentives, encourage enterprises to lead enterprise upgrading with digital reform, help enterprises solve practical difficulties, and promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger. General Manager Ge responded that Jinfei will also live up to expectations. While promoting automation management within the group, it will actively provide the industry with experience in future factory construction and help the whole manufacturing industry to rapidly transform and upgrade.
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