The Smart Manufacturing Project of Annual Output of 3 Million Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Automobile Wheels of Jinfei Kaida Started Production
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       On September 6th, Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida wheel Co., Ltd. invested in the intelligent manufacturing project of annual output of 3 million lightweight aluminum alloy automobile wheels, which was successfully launched in the automobile town. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of the Group, together with members of the Board of Directors and Kaida's management team, attended the commencement ceremony.

       As the first group of guests after the commencement of the project, Mr. Ge and his delegation visited the project site and listened to the introduction of the project, accompanied by Cao Guoping, Executive Vice General Manager of the Turbine Engine Business Department.
       This project is another future factory project built after Jinfei’s Smart Wheel Manufacturing, with a total investment of 740 million yuan. Relying on decades of experience in the wheel industry, the project independently develops intelligent equipment and information systems, and strives to build an unmanned factory with the highest degree of automation and the best level of intelligence in the industry.
       The project uses a large number of industrial robots, high precision processing equipment, cloud computing, deep learning, visual recognition and other advanced information technologies to achieve full production cycle management of product development with the concept of full link digital design; Focusing on low-carbon and green manufacturing, we introduced double chamber low-pressure holding furnace, nitrogen pressurization system, and casting waste heat recovery technology, and creatively carried out process reform to achieve high-strength lightweight casting spinning wheel production.
       The Independent research and development of "wheel two-dimension code technology", automatic integration of the whole process process parameters and quality information into the MES system, realizes batch quality traceability to single piece traceability, and provides effective basic guarantee for intelligent production; Through ERP, MES, EAS and energy monitoring and management system, the production and energy quality data are collected, analyzed, calculated, collected and integrated, and the manufacturing costs of key equipment, workshops and teams are displayed in real time. Through the Amiba model, every team leader has the awareness of general manager, and truly enables the enterprise's cost refined management with digital technology. Based on the industrial Internet platform, through CRM, SRM, cloud platform, MES, APS intelligent production scheduling technology, a global R&D, procurement, production and sales system based on network collaboration is realized, and finally a highly intelligent chemical plant and a smart operation supervision center are realized.
       Digitization enables development and innovation makes the future. The completion and operation of the intelligent factory provides a strong guarantee for further improving the digital development level of enterprises and enhancing their comprehensive competitiveness; To provide customers around the world with excellent products and perfect services, and make contributions to the healthy development of China's automobile industry.
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