Mai Yanzhou, Vice Chairman of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government, and His Party Visited Ningxia Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd. for Inspection and Guidance
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2022-9-20 12:28:57

       On the morning of June 21, Mai Yanzhou, vice chairman of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region government, accompanied by Ma Honghai, Mayor of Zhongwei City, and others, visited Ningxia Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd. for inspection and guidance. Song Guohui, General Manager of the company, and others warmly received chairman Mai and his party.

      Mr. Song introduced the development process, management system and future development plan of Ningxia factory in detail to all leaders, and went deep into the production workshop to visit our bus production line. Mr. Song said that in 2016, according to the group's strategic concept of "building factories around resources and layout production and sales close to the market", Ningxia Jinfei settled in Zhongning. After nearly 6 years of development, the first phase of the company has been basically completed.
      After listening to General Manager Song's report, Chairman Mai affirmed the development of Ningxia Jinfei, expressed his expectation for the follow-up development of Ningxia Jinfei, and gave relevant opinions and suggestions on the problems and difficulties raised by general manager song. At the same time, he hoped that Ningxia Jinfei would vigorously develop independent innovation, increase scientific research investment, improve independent innovation ability, and pay attention to the creation, protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights. It is hoped that Ningxia Jinfei can continuously improve its comprehensive strength and position in the industry, and make greater contributions to promoting regional economic development.
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