Li Xianxiang, Mayor and Deputy Secretary of Qujing Municipal Committee Came to Jinfei inFuyuan Yunnan for Visit and Investigation
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2022-9-3 16:11:13

       On the morning of June 18, Li Xianxiang, Mayor and Deputy Secretary of Qujing Municipal Committee, together with Tian Yong, former Chairman of Yunnan Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd., accompanied by Hou Kaiyuan, Deputy Secretary of the Fuyuan County Committee and Head of Fuyuan County, as well as Deputy Head  Huang Boduan and other relevant leaders,came to visit Jinfei Wheel Hub Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Fuyuan Yunnan for investigation. Zhao Ke, Chairman of Jinfei Wheel Hub Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Fuyuan Yunnan, and General ManagerYe Longqin, warmly welcomed Mayor Li and his delegation, and accompanied them to visit the factory history room of Jinfei in Fuyuan, the supervision center of production and operation, as well as the automatic production site.

       Mr. Ye introduced the production and operation situation and the progress of various projectsof Jinfei in Fuyuan to Mayor Li and Mr. Tian. Mr. Ye said that in 2015, according to the group company's strategic concept of "Building factories based on resources.Laying out sales close to the market", Jinfei settled this new factory in Fuyuan, relying on its upstream Zexin Aluminum. After seven years of development, this company has built an industrial scale with an annual output of 5 million aluminum alloy automobile wheels and an annual output of 5 million aluminum alloy motorcycle wheels respectively. With the implementation of the national strategy of "Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Peaking", developing vehicles consuming new energies and lightening wheel hubs have become important trends in the automobile industry. The company has increased cooperation with Zhejiang University and has established an expert workstation to provide technical support and guarantee for the construction project of automation production lines in the company's Feisu factory, to realize an annual output of 2 million aluminum alloy automobile wheels. At the same time, the company has increased investment in the Automatic Transformation of aluminum alloy automobile wheels production, Machine Substitution, Digital/Networked Platform Construction, Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, etc., and has built Jinfei operation management system and automatic production lines of aluminum alloy automobile wheels. 
       After listening to the report from Mr. Ye, Mayor Li highly affirmed the rapid development of jinfei in Fuyuan, and expressed his appreciation for the company's efforts and achievements in Automation Transformation, Platform Construction of Technology Research and Development, and In-Depth Development of the Aluminum Industry Chain. He hoped that Jinfei could continue to well play the role of a leading enterprise in manufacturing industry, proceed to do deep and fine in aluminum industry, and make greater contributions to the development of local economy.
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