Rong Anhua, Vice Chairman of Jinhua CPPCC and chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese Revolutionary Committee, and His Party Visited Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. for Inspection and Guidance
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       On the afternoon of June 21, Rong Anhua, Vice Chairman of Jinhua CPPCC and Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Revolutionary Committee, and his party visited Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. to conduct special democratic supervision activities. Wang Zhen, general manager of the motorcycle business department, warmly received chairman Rong and his party and accompanied them to visit the automated production workshop and production and operation supervision center.

      At the workshop site, President Wang introduced the production mode and process of aluminum alloy wheels. Through the digitalization of equipment, operation and process, Jinfei has improved the manufacturing level of the traditional manufacturing industry to a more advanced level. Compared with the traditional production line, the labor cost has been greatly reduced and the production efficiency has also been improved.
       In the production and operation supervision center, real-time collection of on-site production, process, equipment and quality information is realized by using Internet of things, Beidou Positioning, cloud platform and information integration technology; Positioning and tracking of logistics vehicles; Centralized imaging of monitoring images; And real-time monitoring and analysis of energy consumption data. It can provide decision-making basis for the company's production, energy conservation, safety and environment.
        After listening to President Wang's introduction, Chairman Rong highly appreciated the achievements made by Jinfei in its intelligent and automated transformation. He believed that Jinfei had given full play to its independent innovation advantages in digital transformation and provided a successful case for the transformation of the manufacturing industry. At the same time, he also hoped that Jinfei would unswervingly develop industry, further expand and strengthen, and contribute more to the local economic construction.
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