Wu Shengfeng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Zhejiang Statistics Bureau, and His GroupVisited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd.
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On the morning of September 10th, Wu Shengfeng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Zhejiang StatisticsBureau, accompanied by Zhang Xinyu, Deputy Mayor of Jinhua City, Zhuang Lingfei, Director of the Statistics Bureau, and Zhang Xuhui, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. for inspection and guidance. Ge Bingzao, Chairman of Jinfei Kaida and Zhang Jianquan, General Manager, warmly received Secretary Wu and his group and accompanied them to visit the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall and the production and operation supervision center, and then went to the conference room for discussion and exchanges.


In the exhibition hall, Mr. Ge introduced Jinfei's situation of production and operation, product research and development, and development planning. The entrepreneurial spirit of "openness, cooperation, dedication, and innovation" motivates Jinfei people to constantly fight in the tide of economic construction. Based on automated production lines, combined with intelligent manufacturing systems, it has realized the transparency and data management of the entire production process. Jinfei's independent research and development has never stopped, and a series of measures have been formulated in personnel training to encourage employees to continue to innovate. After listening to Mr. Ge's introduction, Secretary Wu expressed his appreciation for Jinfei's innovative spirit.

In the production and operation supervision center, Secretary Wu asked about the effect of digital operation in the development of the enterprise, and learned that through technologies such as the Internet of Things, Beidou positioning, cloud platform, and information integration, Jinfei realizes real-time collection of production, process, equipment, and quality information on-site ; positioning and tracking of logistics vehicles; centralized imaging of monitoring pictures; and real-time monitoring and analysis of energy consumption data to provide a basis for decision-making for the company's production, energy conservation, and safety and environmental protection.

After visiting the exhibition hall, they went to the conference room for discussion and exchanges. Mr. Ge once again extended a warm welcome to Secretary Wu and his group and introduced the current development status of the company, future planning and the progress of corporate statistics. Jinfei Company takes "truth, accuracy and timeliness" as its statistical work principle, and continuously promotes the application of informatization in statistical work. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude to the provincial, municipal, and district governments for their work support for many years.

Secretary Wu emphasized that innovation is an important foundation for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Enterprises should adapt to the needs of transformation and upgrading, and combine intelligence and digitalization to enhance their competitiveness. Finally, Secretary Wu expressed his recognition of Jinfei's independent innovation ability, and hoped that Jinfei can give full play to its autonomy, make good use of its advantages such as intelligent equipment, and continuously innovate its development model to make greater contributions to local economic construction.

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