Gao Feng, the Deputy Secretary and District Mayorof the Jindong District Committee of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province , visited Zhejiang Jinfei Motor Research Institute
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   On the morning of August 20, 2021, Gao Feng, Deputy Secretary of Jindong District Committee and District Mayor of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and his group visited Zhejiang Jinfei Motor Wheel Research Institute for research and guidance.Ge Bingzao,Chairman of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. and others warmly received District Mayor Gao and accompanied them to visit the site of the Motor Wheel Research Institute.

  Relying on years of experience in wheel production, Jinfei Motors is proficient in using advanced equipment such as melting furnaces and CNC lathes, introducing imported equipment such as spectrometers, three-coordinate measuring machine, and focusing on advanced facilities such as manipulators, full-function CNC machines, and automatic heat treatment furnaces to improve product quality , so that the company has reached the world's advanced level, with the ability to support the world's first-class motorcycle OEMs.
  Under the guidance of the current digital and intelligent environment, in order to provide early-stage R&D support and industrialization of the achievements for the motorcycle wheel factory, Zhejiang Jinfei Motor Wheel Research Institute came into being. Mr.Geintroduced the basic situation, organizational structure, ongoing projects and achievements of Zhejiang Jinfei Motor Wheel Research Institute to District Mayor Gao. Jinfei has made full use of the national technology platform in terms of talent team building and technology research and development. Through technological advancement and the implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects, Jinfei has realized the upgrading of existing talents. In the future, we will strive for greater breakthroughs in technology, craftsmanship, product quality, and new product research and development. In the future, Jinfei will strengthen our confidence and respond to the government's call to contribute to the local economic construction.
  After listening to Mr. Ge’s introduction, District Mayor Gao fully affirmed Jinfei’s development, and expressed his recognition that technology innovation drives product innovation, process innovation and equipment innovation, and promotes the transition from "Jinfei Manufacturing" to "Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing". The establishment of Zhejiang Jinfei Motor Wheel Research Institute will contribute to the improvement of the industrial level of Jindong District. In the future, it is hoped that Jinfei can further strengthen cooperation in all aspects, give full play to its independent advantages, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
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