Offline Institution Research and Exchange Conference of "Into the Outstanding Listed Company" was Successfully Held in Jinfei Kaida
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  On May 28, 2021, the offline institution research and exchange meeting of "Into the Outstanding Listed Company" jointly organized by Straight Flush, Northeast Securities and Xiangshu Assets was successfully held in Jinhua, Zhejiang. As an outstanding listed company, Jinfei Kaida participated in this research and exchange meeting.

  Ge Bingzao, Chairman of Jinfei Group, Zhang Jianquan, General Manager, Zhu Yan, Chief Financial Officer, and Ge Qianyun, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors, and other company executives warmly received nearly 30 institutional guests from the research team, and accompanied them to visit the production base of the intelligent motorcycle factory in Jinfei Kaida Feiyang Town, and took a closer look at the production process of automobile wheel products. After visiting the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall, under the detailed explanation of the staff, the research guest group further understood the company's development history and product honors of Jinfei Kaida.
  After the visit, Jinfei Kaida's senior leadership and the research guest group held an exchange meeting in the conference room of the office building. Ge Qianyun, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors, shared with the guests, and introduced in detail the development process of the company from the establishment of a limited company to the successful listing of capital operations, to the establishment of the Vossen factory in   Thailand and the successful issuance of convertible bonds in recent years; listed the distribution of customers in the domestic and foreign markets of automotive aluminum alloy wheels, motorcycle aluminum alloy wheels, and electromobile aluminum alloy wheels; and interpreted and analyzed the 2020 annual report and the 2021 first quarterly report in detail. Finally, she explained the company's profitability and global layout advantages, technology and quality advantages, scale and customer advantages, and new markets.
  In the subsequent interactive communication session, in a simple and relaxed atmosphere, Jinfei Kaida executives and institutional guests   adequatelydiscussed the company’s business management, production qualifications, technology research and development, project construction, member companies’business conditions and the group’s future development plans and other related issues.
  This institutional research activity has come to a successful conclusion. This was a good opportunity for our company to interact and discuss in-depth with institutional investors. The guests at the meeting expressed affirmation of our company's development and achievements, and looked forward to a broader development prospect in the future and reflected corporate value.
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