Chen Fengqi, Secretary of the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee, and His GroupVisited the Feiyang Town Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Project with an Annual Output of 10 million Motorcycle Wheels
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2021-7-12 14:41:48

  On the morning of May 14, 2021, Chen Fengqi, Lanxi Municipal Party Secretary , accompanied by Cai Yan, Wucheng Municipal Party Secretaryand others, visited the Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Project in Feiyang Town with an annual output of 10 million motorcycle wheels.Zhang Jianquan, General Manager of Kaida Company, and Wang Zhen, Executive Deputy General Manager of Motorcycle Division, warmly received Secretary Chen and his group and accompanied them to visit the Feiyang Town project site.

  During the visit, Mr. Zhang introduced the construction of Feiyang Town project to Secretary Chen.At this stage, the company has improved its production methods, through intelligent IoT terminals, based on RFID, sensors, and production equipment PLC interfaces, and has achieved M2M networking and collected production process data. Through the real-time supervision of the human, machine, material, method, and environment of the production process it has realized the intelligent production, further improved the company's product capacity and technical content, reduced production costs, optimized product structure, and realized automatic matching of process documents to increase product qualification rate and increase production efficiency.
  Secretary Chen fully affirmed Jinfei's development and hoped Jinfei can make persistent efforts, continue to utilize the company's advantages in talents, capital, resources, technology, etc., clarify goals, seize new opportunities, and make greater contributions to the healthy development of manufacturing.
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