Chen Long, Secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, Visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. for Research and Guidance
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2021-6-21 9:27:45
  On the morning of April 28, 2021, Chen Long, Secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, accompanied by Zhang Xuhui, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jinhua Development Zone, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. for research and guidance, and inspected the construction of the industrial Internet platform in the manufacturing field. Ge Bingzao, Chairman of Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd., and others warmly received Secretary Chen Long and his group and accompanied them to visit the production and operation supervision center.
  At the production and operation supervision center, Mr. Ge introduced the construction, implementation and results of Jinfei's intelligent manufacturing industry Internet platform to Secretary Chen and his group. In recent years, Jinfei has used factory Internet of Things technology, machine substitution, and automated production technology to intelligently and network transform the existing automotive aluminum alloy wheel production line in casting, heat treatment, machining, painting production processes and production logistics to realize the monitoring of production plan and progress, online setting of processing process parameters, automatic collection and automatic early warning, automatic control of some links, automatic operation of production logistics, and to realize the intelligent, grid and digital aluminum alloy automobile wheel production engineering. At the same time, it empowers small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry,and solve the problem of digitalization and intelligence upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  Through the implementation of many projects, Jinfei will achieve real-time and dynamic reflection of the production site, realize the efficiency and accuracy of information transmission, solve the problems of information transmission lag, centralized management and other issues, and realize coordinated production among multiple factories. With the goal of building an internationally advanced Internet of Things factory and intelligent production line, it will build a visual production supervision center, realize a benchmarking self-improvement mechanism for big data analysis, and build a service-oriented future intelligent manufacturing factory with an industry-leading role.
  After listening to Mr. Ge’s introduction, Secretary Chen expressed his affirmation of the construction and implementation of Jinfei Internet of Things. The government also strongly supports enterprises to become bigger and stronger, accelerate the development of the Internet of Things industry, strengthen financial and tax policy support, improve investment and financing policies, and strengthen the talent team construction,and hoped that Jinfei can continue to implement and promote the development of the Internet of Things, with breakthroughs in key technologies as the core, continuous innovation, strengthening of standards and specifications, and strengthening of resource sharing, so as to create an internationally competitive Internet of Things industry system, and become an important force of the promotion of intelligent and sustainable development of economic society.

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