Lan Jun, Deputy Director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, and His GroupVisited Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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 On March 11, 2021, Lan Jun, Deputy Director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, accompanied by An Xingrong, Deputy Director of Qujing Ecological Environment Bureau, and Hou Kaiyuan, Mayor of Fuyuan County, visited Yunnan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for research.

Chen Jingao, Chairman of Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Ye Longqin, General Manager, and Huang Xin, Assistant of General Manager warmly received Deputy Director Lan and his group and accompanied them to visit the automated production workshop.

Mr. Chen introduced the basic situation of various projects of Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei and said that since Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei has settled in Fuyuan, it has focused on the construction of project technical improvement and the implementation of environmental protection work. Each process link is equipped with environmental protection equipment, and the treatment and discharge are carried out in strict accordance with the national environmental protection standards. The company attaches great importance to environmental protection. At present, the company's environmental protection facilities include sewage treatment stations, water dust removal equipment, activated carbon adsorption equipment,and bag dust collectors.

After listening to Mr. Chen's report, Deputy Director Lan praised the rapid development of Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei. At the same time, he stated that companies should attach importance to environmental protection, adhere to the concept that clear water and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver, adhere to respect for nature, conform to nature, protect nature, and maintain the boundaries of natural ecological safety. Enterprises must implement sustainable development strategies in depth, improve the coordination mechanism in the field of ecological civilization, and build an ecological civilization system to promote the overall green transformation of local economic and social development and build a modernization of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

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