Zhejiang Jinfei Yada Wheel Co., Ltd. was Rated as"Top Ten Industrial Enterprises in Wucheng District"
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2021-4-10 13:59:59
  On the afternoon of February 20, 2021, Wucheng District's 2021 District Cadre Conference and the "Four Toughness and Four Struggle" Mobilization Conference was grandly held in the large conference room on the third floor of Wucheng Conference Center. The meeting was presided  by Huang Guojun, Deputy Secretary of the Wucheng District Party Committee and District Mayor , and Cai Yan, Secretary of the District Party Committee, made an important speech.
  Leaders of the District’s Four Teams, the President of the Court, the Chief Prosecutor of the Procuratorate, the Political Commissar of the district People’s Armed Forces Department, and other incumbent leaders at or above the deputy division level; the district’s department heads,heads and deputies of the internal institutions of the District People’s Congresses, and the CPPCC;Provincial and municipal line management departments, Urban Investment Groups, Transportation Investment Groups, district financial units, and heads of Wucheng power supply branch; Directors and Deputy Directors of the Wucheng New City Management Committee and internal institutions, Director and Deputy Directors of the Xianyuan Lake Resort Management Committee and the Directors of internal institutions, the Director and Deputy Directors of the Management Committee of the Zhezhong Information Industry Park, the Directors and Deputy Directors of the district headquarters and the Directors of internal organizations;Leading cadres of the party, government, and People’s Congresses of townships (sub-districts); Leaders and Deputy Leaders of the District Party Inspection Office, District Party Inspection Team, and District Discipline Inspection Team assigned to the Disciplinary Inspection Team; all members of the "Four Tough Attacks and Four Struggle for the First" action team;all members of the leading group for the construction of "Five Famous Cities"; Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd., and representatives of the top ten industrial enterprises in the district, enterprises with more than 100 million yuan, trade, agricultural enterprises, farmers' professional cooperatives, and processing brokers with supplied materials participated in this conference.
  At the conference there were a commendation and an award ceremony. Zhejiang Jinfei Yada Wheel Co., Ltd. was rated as "Top Ten Industrial Enterprises in Wucheng District".
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