Zhang Xinyu, Deputy Mayor of Jinhua City, visited the Site of Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Project with an Annual Output of 10 Million Mmotorcycle Wheels in Feiyang Town
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      On the afternoon of December 3, 2020, Zhang Xinyu, Deputy Mayor of Jinhua City, and his group visited the site of Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Project with an annual output of 10 million motorcycle wheels in Feiyang Town. Jinfei Group Executive Vice President Ge Chu and Vice President Feng Hong warmly received Deputy Mayor Zhang Xinyu and his party and accompanied them to visit the production workshop.

      Mrs. Feng introduced the construction of the project to Deputy Mayor Zhang. The project includes digital construction in three aspects: equipment digitization, operation digitization, and process digitization, to build anintelligent factory for the wheel industry, which is a favorable condition for Jinfei to obtain the world's top brand supporting facilities. Through the use of intelligent technologies such as intelligent logistics lines, robot casting, intelligent heat treatment furnaces, intelligent machining units, RTO organic waste gas incineration technology, combined with production intelligent scheduling systems, energy consumption management systems, vehicle logistics systems, and equipment process intelligent monitoring systems, it realizes a high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost and "talking and understanding"intelligent factory that reduces the number of factory workers and improves production efficiency and product qualification rate.
      Since the project settled in Feiyang Town, it has received strong support from government departments at all levels. Through the unremitting efforts of Jinfei people, the order is full, the product supply falls short of demand, and good results have been achieved.
      Deputy Mayor Zhang expressed his affirmation of the intelligent manufacturing project for the annual production of 10 million motorcycle wheels. He hopes that Jinfei will not forget its original intention and move forward. Government departments at all levels will also assist enterprises in solving the difficulties and problems encountered in development. Make progress together and achieve a win-win situation.
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