The Launching Ceremony of the Three-year Action Plan of "Work Injury Prevention, Safety in Production and Harmony in Jinhua" and the First Publicity Exhibition Tour in the Industrial Park in Jinhua wasHeldSmoothly
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       In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions of on strengthening work safety, and give full play to the preposition role of industrial injury insurance, the activity is arranged in accordance with the three-year action plan for industrial injury prevention of Jinhua city.On the morning of November 10, 2020, the launching ceremony of the three-year action plan of "Work Injury Prevention and Safety in Production and Harmony in Jinhua" and the first publicity exhibitiontour in the industrial park was successfully held in Zhejiang Jinfeikaida Wheel Co., Ltd..

      More than 160 people attended the event, including relevant persons in charge of City, county (city, district) Human Social Security, Emergency Management, Health Care, Construction, Federation of Trade Unions, Traffic Police, Fire Departments and ,  Ge Bingzao, Chairman of Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd., Zheng Dan, Assistant of the President, and Xu Yan, Director of Anhuan. At the event site, Zhu Huibin, Vice Minister of jinhua Municipal Organization Department, and Director of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureaumade a speech, and Li Jin, Director of Employment InjuryInsurance Department in Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Hall made a speech, and Wuyi County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on behalf of the county (city, district) made an exchange speechfor three-yearaction for industrial injury prevention. 
Prevention First, Responsibility to People
      The work injury prevention management mainly focuses on the word "prevention". The "Book of Rites•The Doctrine of the Mean" states: "Anything that is pre-prepared will be established, if not, it will be abolished." No matter what you do, you can achieve success with advance preparation. Otherwise it will fail. Therefore, at the beginning of each year, from the chairman of the board to the grassroots employees, we sign the "Safety Production Responsibility Letter" to clarify thesafety production responsibilities of all levels of personnel and the annual safety production goal. This is the important step of "prevention" in order to lay the foundation for the prevention goal.
      Risk identification, Timely control
      From the theory of safety management technology, all accidents can be avoided and prevented.In daily management, the identification of hazards and the knowledge of accident regulation are the prerequisites for formulating preventive measures and preventing accidents. Our company jointly identified the risk points through the participation of all employees, and formulated corresponding prevention and control measures for the identified risk points, and made the identified risk points into a four-color risk notice board and posted it on the workshop site, so that the employees clearly understand the risk points in the workshop and how to take preventive measures. Effectively control every risk within an acceptable range, treat every hidden danger at the beginning of its formation, and eliminate every accident in the bud.
      Hidden Danger Identification, Forming a Closed Loop
      Effective safety inspection is the guarantee for safe production and accident prevention. Our company implements a hierarchical inspection system for daily safety inspections. From the management layer to the group, safety inspection standards and frequencies have been formulated. The inspection problem points are sent to each responsible person’s mobile phone through the internal workflow system, and the responsible person submits it to the system after rectification reviewed by an assigned person so as toform a closed loop of problem points and completely eliminate hidden accidents.
      Intelligent Innovation, Machinery Substitution
      The most important and key to the preventionof industrial injury prevention is to solve the problem of "Human". The intrinsic safety of people is inspired and guided by safety culture, and people's behavior is consciously implemented in accordance with safety standards; and the intrinsic safety of machinery is guaranteed by science and technology. There will be no accidents due to misoperation. Our company has made intelligent upgrades to key risk points under the guarantee of science and technology, for example, the drilling machine is changed from manual operation to online drilling, and the CNC machine tool is changed from manual clamping to manipulator clamping, and from manual deburring to online automatic deburring, etc., and reduces work injury accidents caused by human misoperation by replacing people with machines.
      Information Exchange, Similar Identification
      After the occurrence of a work injury accident, relevant personnel will be called to investigate and analyze the cause of the accident, and make a safety accident information transmission form sent to each factory to request to carry out the training and education of the process, cause, and follow-up rectification and control measures of the accident to all employees , and identify similar accidentsto prevent similar accidents from happening again in different factories. Through the accident information transmission form, the accident rate of Jinfei has dropped by 20% year-on-year, and achieved greater results.
      After the representatives delivered their speeches one after another, Ge Bingzao, Chairman of Jinfei Kaida, on behalf of the company,signed anindustrial injury supplementary insurance cooperation agreement with Jinhua Jindong Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. The representative of the county (city, district) department signed with the municipal department "Industrial Injury Accident Prevention Three-Year Action Responsibility Letter" and awarded the publicity exhibition tourrelay card, and announced the "Work Injury Prevention, Work in Safety and Harmony in Jinhua" three-year action plan and the first publicity exhibitiontour activity officially launched.
      Afterwards, the participants went to the workshop together to visit Jinfei’s safety standardization construction, learn about various departments accident prevention, safety treatment, work injury scene simulation and other exhibitions and participate in the experience. At Jinfei's automated production site, Jinfei safety officers introduced Jinfei's safety training work to the representatives: 24-hour looping playback of safety training knowledge, monthly safety meetings and safety training, and safety implementation before shifts every day, etc.. Not only that, high-level leaders lead inspections once a week, and factory manager leads inspections twice a week to identify potential safety hazards in the workshop to ensure the safety of production and operators.
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