Huang Youyuan, Director of the Working Committee of China Cares for the Next Generationin Jinhuaand His GroupVisited the Feiyang Town Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Project with an Annual Output of 10 million Motorcycle Wheels
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2020-11-28 16:42:07

      On the morning of November 11, 2020, Huang Youyuan, director of the Working Committee of China Cares for the Next Generation in Jinhua, and his group visited the Feiyang Town Jinfei intelligent manufacturing projectwithan annual output of 10 million motorcycle wheels. Ge Chu, executive vice President of Jinfei Group, and Feng Hong, vice President, warmly received them.

      During the visit, Mrs. Feng focused on reportingthe implementation of the projectto the leaders. She said that through the implementation of this project, it can improve the production method, and realize the intelligent production of products, and further improve the production capacity and technical content, reduce the production cost, optimize the product structure, and improve the economic benefits of the company. At the same time, relying on the company's advantages in talents, capital, technology and other aspects, the company's products can be improved in quality, grade and variety, so as to meet market needs and achieve sustainable development.
      The leaders listened carefully to Mrs. Feng's introduction,and expressed their admiration for the introduced5G technology and intelligent recognition technology. In particular, a large number of industrial robots used in the production process attracted leaders to stop and generated strong interest. The leaderspraised Jinfei's development and the first-class technical level. They hope Jinfei can continue to work hard and create greater glories.
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