Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was Awarded the First OrderPlaque by the Qujing Customs
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2020-11-28 16:34:11

      On November 26, the establishment and opening ceremony of Qujing Customs was held in Qujing. Yang Weiling, Qujing Deputy Mayor, Huang Chenghua, Qujing Customs Commissioner, Li Xianbang, Qujing Commerce Bureau Director, and Chen Jingao,  Chairman of Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   were invited to participate in the unveiling ceremony.

      After the unveiling ceremony, Vice Mayor Yang and Customs Commissioner Huang jointly presented the plaque of the first order of Qujing Customs for Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., LTD.. Deputy Mayor Yang said that the establishment of Qujing Customs has created good conditions for the export of related enterprises in Qujing City and laid a solid foundation for Qujing’s investment in attracting export-oriented enterprises. Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei became the first export company since the establishment of Qujing Customs, which is of historical significance. Hope Jinfei will continue to grow bigger and stronger, produce more products for export from Qujing Customs, and make greater contributions to the social and economic development of Qujing City.
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