Caiyan, Secretary of Wucheng District Committee of Jinhua City, and his party visited Jinfei''''s intelligent manufacturing project with an annual output of 10 million motorcycle hubs
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       On the afternoon of October 22, 2020, Cai Yan, Secretary of the Wucheng District Committee of Jinhua City, and his party visited Feiyang intelligent manufacturing town, Wucheng District, Jinhua City. The intelligent manufacturing project of Jinfei with an annual output of 10 million motorcycle hubs was visited and investigated. Ge Chu, executive vice president of the group company, and Feng Hong, vice president of the group company, warmly received Secretary CAI and his party, accompanied and introduced the construction of the project.

       General manager Feng introduced to Secretary CAI and his party that since the construction of the project in October 2019, the infrastructure construction has been completed and the production line is in trial production. The project introduces 5g technology, intelligent identification technology, a large number of industrial robots are applied in the project to realize flexible production, and build digital intelligent factories in three aspects of equipment digitization, process digitization and operation digitization, which are listed as digital demonstration enterprises by Jinhua City and Wucheng District respectively. The establishment of the project can reduce the number of workers by 40% compared with traditional projects, and improve the production efficiency by 15%, reaching the global leading and domestic first-class technical level.
       Among the supporting industrial park projects, Zhejiang Jinchuang Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute is located in the industrial park. The research institute takes intelligent manufacturing equipment and its key components and factory information system as its research direction, and is currently under construction of plant foundation.
       Since the start of the construction, it has received the concern and support of the government. With the coordination and cooperation of relevant departments, Jinfei actively compiles the plan according to the standard, and promotes the smooth progress of various work in an orderly manner. As a manufacturing industry focused company for many years, Jinfei will continue to stick to its main business steadily, devote itself to the development and construction of intelligent manufacturing, and contribute to the revitalization of local economic construction.
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