Chen Hao, Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and His Party Visited Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to Inspect the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work and the Resumption of Production
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     On February 13, Chen Hao, Secretary of Yunnan provincial Party committee and relevant leaders of Yunnan Province, accompanied by Li Wenrong, Secretary of Qujing municipal Party committee, Li Shisong, mayor, Tang Kairong, member of Qujing Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of Fuyuan County Party committee, and Chen Zhi, head of the county, visited Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to inspect the resumption of production, epidemic prevention and control, and the production workshop. Chen Jingao, chairman of Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Ye LongQin, general manager warmly received Secretary Chen Hao and his party.

      Mr. Chen introduced the company's production and market situation, investment attraction to the park to drive the development of industrial chain, the company's epidemic prevention and control work, the resumption of work after the festival, etc. to Secretary Chen Hao and his party. Chen Dong said that for novel coronavirus infection outbreak, Yunnan Fuyuan today flew at all levels of cadres to attach great importance to and take prompt action. Under the guidance of Yunnan provincial, municipal and county governments, the epidemic prevention and control guidance document is under the control of epidemic prevention and control. During this period, the main leaders of Qujing City and Fuyuan County gave full support to our company's epidemic prevention and recovery of production, specially arranged medical staff to guide the enterprise to establish and improve epidemic prevention measures and provide epidemic prevention materials such as forehead temperature detection equipment, masks, disinfectants, etc., to help the enterprise coordinate the export of customs and vehicle transportation. On behalf of the company, Chen expressed his heartfelt thanks to Qujing City and Fuyuan County leaders for their courage to take responsibility in critical period.
     Secretary Chen Hao said that the purpose of his visit is to investigate and inspect how the local government can do a good job in the process of epidemic prevention and control and enterprise recovery. After listening to Chen Dong's report, he affirmed the work style of the local government and various measures taken by Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei in epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, and expressed confidence.
     At present, after checking the health status of employees, enterprises actively organize qualified employees to effectively and orderly promote the resumption of work. Up to now, the work resumption rate of our company has reached 90%. At the same time, Mr. Chen also reflected to Mr. Chen Hao the problems of raw material supply, product transportation, customs, talent introduction and financial support that the enterprises urgently need to solve, hoping that the government can coordinate to solve them.
    Finally, Secretary Chen Hao stated that it was hoped that Yunnan Jinfei could built up its confidence and seized opportunities through the crisis of coronavirus outbreak so as to organize the resumption of production and work, seize the favorable opportunity and quickly seize the market share. Concerning the questions raised by Chairman Chen, He said that the provincial government will implement the accelerated research of departments at all levels to coordinate solutions and create a good business environment for the development of enterprises.
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