Vossen Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Held Ceremony of Phase II Project Production
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      On March 12, 2020, Vossen manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. held the commencement ceremony of the second phase of the project. Liu Wenqing, general manager of the company, Li Yanqing, deputy general manager, and Cao Guoping, middle and senior managers attended the commencement ceremony.

      General Manager Liu Wenqing delivered a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, stating that the successful completion of the second phase of Vossen Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. cannot be separated from the hard work of all employees of the company, and all cadres and employees are united in the face of the outbreak of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia. Working together, in order to ensure the smooth development of project construction and production management, go all out and keep busy with production and guarantee orders, which not only meets the needs of JInfei’s overseas market, but also ensures the smooth commissioning of the second-phase project.
     Vossen manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an important measure taken by Jinfei to smoothly implement the international strategic plan and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. The project was started on February 20, 2018, put into production on November 30, 2019, and put into production on March 12, 2020. It has stepped out of internationalization with "Jinfei speed". The project is planned to build 3 million aluminum alloy automobile wheels in three phases, which will radiate to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East market. The development and strength of the company will provide strong guarantee for Jinfei to optimize the layout of overseas industries, cope with international trade frictions and smoothly implement the international strategic plan.
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