Zhai Buhong, Deputy Secretary of Political and Legal Affairs Committee of Jinhua Municipal Party committee, and his Delegation Visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. to Investigate the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work and the Resumption of
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     Zhai buhong, deputy secretary of the political and Legal Committee of Jinhua Municipal Committee, Zheng Wenhui, director of the grassroots governance guidance department of the political and Legal Committee of Jinhua Municipal Committee, and his delegation visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida hub Co., Ltd. to investigate the epidemic prevention and control work and the resumption of production. He Dongting, President of Kaida company, warmly received the delegation and accompanied them to visit the automation production workshop and the exhibition hall of Jinfei factory history.

During the visit, president He introduced to Secretary Zhai and his party about Jinfei's high-end personalized aluminum wheel products, self-developed intelligent automatic production system, the 60 year development history of Jinfei and its future industrial layout and development plan.  Then they went to the conference room for a discussion.
     At the symposium, PresidentHe reported to Secretary Zhai that during the epidemic period, Jinfei had done a good job in disinfection and sterilization in workshop production area, office building area, canteen, dormitory, etc., in temperature measurement and health code inquiry of the personnel in the factory, in epidemic prevention and control, in production, without any slack.
      In the exchange, President He said that Jinfei has a strong sense of abiding by the law on the political and legal issues, and should fully cooperate with and support the work of the political and legal organs, hoping that the political and legal organs can provide legal protection for enterprises.
Secretary He listened to the report of PresidentHe carefully and said that in the face of the sudden epidemic situation, Jinfei actively took effective response measures and timely adjusted the prevention and control deployment to ensure the resumption of work and production. He hoped that Jinfei would keep vigilance while holding production steady and not relax. Grasp with both hands and be firm with both hands. The political and legal organs would actively help enterprises solve problems and actively safeguard enterprises the legitimate rights and interests of the industry during the period of epidemic prevention and control!
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