Cai Yan, Secretary of Wucheng District Committee and his delegation visited Zhejiang Jinfeiyada Wheel Co., Ltd. to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work and the resumption of production
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2020-7-10 16:43:20

      On February 11, Cai Yan, Secretary of the Wucheng District Committee, and relevant principals of the District Committee Office, the District Economic and commercial bureau, and the district health and Health Bureau, accompanied by the main leaders of Qianxi Township, visited Zhejiang Jinfeiyada Wheel Co., Ltd. to inspect the enterprise's resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control. Ge bingzao, chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd., and Ge Jian, vice president, warmly received Secretary Cai Yan and his party.

      Ge bingzao, chairman of the board of directors, introduced to Secretary Cai and his party the industrial layout of the enterprise, epidemic prevention and control work, resumption of production after the festival, return of employees, etc. ChairmanGe said that in the face of the severecoming  epidemic situation, Jinfei attaches great importance to it, acts quickly, actively mobilizes qualified personnel, gives full play to its maximum efficiency, and vigorously and orderly promotes the resumption of work. At present, the resumption rate has reached about 70%. At the same time, it is hoped that government can strengthen the financial support to manufacturing industry and private enterprises.
      Secretary Cai Yan said that Jinfei's work in epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production fully demonstrated the work style of Jinfei people in "careful planning and immediate action", affirmed the strategic layout of Jinfei in the whole country and overseas, and also said that the government would fully coordinate the financial sector and support the resumption of production. It is hoped that the enterprise will be well prepared for the new year's development.
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