Pan Guangjun, Deputy Inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Justice Department and Deputy Director of Provincial Comprehensive Law Enforcement Office, together with his Delegations Visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd for Investigation
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      On October 15, 2019, Pan Guangjun, Deputy Inspector of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Justice, and DeputyDirector of the Provincial Comprehensive Law Enforcement Office, and Yu Hanjiang, Deputy Director of the Legal System Department, accompanied by Zhu Fe, Judiciary Bureau Director and Huang Jihua, Deputy Director, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd for a visit and investigation. He Dongting, President of Kaida Company, warmly received his party and accompanied to visit Jinfei Factory History Exhibition Hall and Production Supervision Center.

At the history exhibition hall, President He introduced the 60-year history of the establishment of Jinfei Plant. After 60 years of hard development, especially the leap-forward development of more than 20 years after the restructuring, Jinfei has formed an industrial structure with two-wheel drive of aluminum wheels and automotive aluminum alloy related structural parts, multiple support of light alloy materials and intelligent equipment. In the 60 years that Jinfei has been working hard on, a large number of representatives of elite figures who have made outstanding contributions to the company have emerged, and made great contributions to Jinfei.
       At the Production Supervision Center, Deputy Director Pan Guangjun had a keen interest in the intelligent manufacturing system independently developed by Jinfei. Mr. He introduced to Director Pan about the role supervision center and the benefits it brights to Jinfei. Deputy Director Pan praised the automation and information construction of Jinfei. Due to the large amount of logistics transfer between production bases, this monitoring system can ensure the safety of transferred goods and the accuracy of logistics information, which has brought great convenience to the management and control of logistics transportation. Then they go to the conference room for discussion.
      At the symposium, President He and Deputy Director Pan  exchanged ideas. In the face of the corporate issues mentioned by President He, Deputy Director Pan said that in the process of law enforcement and justice, the company will be treated fairly, the rights of the company will be implemented, and the development of the company will be escorted with the thinking of the rule of law. At the same time, Deputy Director Pan praised Jinfei for managing the company with the rules of the law. He highly praised the company's efforts to train legal professionals and wished Jinfei's future development to become better and better.
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