Vossen Manufacture(Thailand) Co., Ltd. Phase I Project Commencement Ceremony was Grandly Held
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       On November 30, 2019, the first-phase project launch ceremony of Vossen Manufacture (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Thailand-China Luoyong Industrial Park, Thailand. Director of the Industrial Administration of Thailand, Apichart Sektheer, President of Thailand-China Luoyong Industrial Park, Bin Zhao, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Thailand Branch Preisident Lin Shiqiang, Bank of China Bangkok Head President Li Feng, TWG Chief Executive Billy Yang, Slik Permanent Representative to China Eugene, Thai Chinese Enterprise General Chamber of Commerce Luoyong Chamber of Commerce Chairman Xu Shengwen and many other guests attended the commissioning ceremony. The chairman of Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. Ge Bingzao, the president He Dongting and the main cadres and employees of Vossen Manufacture (Thailand) Co., Ltd. attended the production ceremony.

      Ge Bingzao, Chairman of Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd., Apichart Sektheera, Director of Thai Industrial Administration,  Zhao Bin, President of Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Park, Lin Shiqiang, President of Industrial and Commercial Bank of Thailand, Billy Yang, TWG CEO, Xu Shengwen, President of Thai Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.
      Chairman Ge Bingzao extended a warm welcome to the guests and expressed his sincere gratitude to the Thai-Chinese Luoyong Industrial Park and the cooperative units for their support and help in the construction process of Vossen Manufacture (Thailand) Co., Ltd. He also said that Vossen is an important measure for Jinfei s international strategic layout. From February of this year to formal production in November, it has taken a big step in internationalization at the speed of Jinfei, and hopes that Vossen ’s management Teams and cadres in foreign countries must uphold the spirit of "openness, cooperation, dedication, and innovation" to contribute to the strength and excellence of enterprises and contribute to local economic development.
      Apicart Sektheera, Director of the Thai Industrial Authority, congratulated and thanked Vossen for its establishment in Thailand and its establishment in the Central Thai Luoyong Industrial Park, hoping that Jinfei will develop better and contribute to Thailand's economic construction and employment.
      Zhao Bin, President of the Thai-Chinese Luoyong Industrial Park, extended warm congratulations to Vossen Manufacture (Thailand) Co., Ltd., affirmed the construction speed of Vossen Manufacture, and also wished all Chinese-funded enterprises to grow more and more brilliant in Thailand.
      Lin Shiqiang, the President of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's Thailand branch, said that Jinfei and Industrial and Commercial Bank have always had a close and long-term close relationship, and they are very happy to see companies from their hometown in Thailand land in Thailand. He was fortunate to participate in the commissioning ceremony of the first phase of Vossen’s project and witness this important milestone of Jinfei. The global Chinese companies need a global layout to cope with various uncertain factors. The landing of Chinese-funded enterprises in Thailand is a far-sighted result of Chinese-funded enterprises.
      Billy Yang, Customer representative and TWG CEO, said that the future of Chinese wheels will be global, which is an inevitable trend of development. Wheels produced in China will be the main force in the global wheel market. Congratulations on the company's official start-up, this will be an important step for Jinfei to lead the wheel industry.
      Xu Shengwen, Chairman of the Thai Chinese Enterprise General Chamber of Commerce, Luoyong Chamber of Commerce, expressed his warm congratulations to Vossen Manufacture (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and stated that the Thai Chinese Enterprise General Chamber of Commerce is the only legal chamber of commerce under the embassy, and provides with a strong backing, the landing of each Chinese-funded enterprise is a reflection of the development and growth of the China General Chamber of Commerce.
      After the commissioning ceremony, Chairman Ge led the guests to visit the workshop site that has been put into production.
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