Hu Jiangping, Deputy Mayor of Yichun People''s Government of Jiangxi Province and Secretary of Fengcheng Municipal Committee, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd for Investigation and Research
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      On November 7, 2019, Hu Jiangping, deputy mayor of Yichun People's Government of Jiangxi Province and secretary of Fengcheng Municipal Committee, and her party visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. for investigation and research. Kaida Chairman Ge Bingzao and President He Dongting, Light Alloy Material Division general managerLou Guoxing,warmly received them and accompanied to the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall and automated production workshop.

      In the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall, President He introduced to Secretary Hu about the development history of Jinfei in the past 60 years, the current industrial layout, the formulated strategic goals, and the Jinfei people going forward and succeeding, reforming, innovating, becoming stronger, and making Jinfei developinghealthily and sustaibly, becoming a cross-region manufacturing enterprise group, forming an industrial pattern of dual-wheel drive with aluminum wheels and automotive aluminum-alloy-related structural components, and multiple support of light alloy materials and intelligent equipment. Secretary Hu affirmed the development of Jinfei over the past sixty years. She believed that the different problems faced by Jinfei at different stages,the different experiences obtained,and the different results obtained gradually made Jinfei's growth process impressive.
      At the production site of the workshop, President He introduced the high-end, personalized aluminum wheels and modern fully-automated production lines to Secretary Hu and her party. After that theywent to the conference room for a discussion
      At the symposium, Secretary Hu expressed recognition for Jinfei's history and culture, market layout, and brand building. At the same time, Secretary Hu said that Fengcheng has superior location advantages, rich energy advantages, and convenient transportation advantages. Fengcheng Government can also come up with the most realistic, feasible, and effective policies for enterprises. Chairman Ge welcomed the arrival of Secretary Hu and her party, and thanked Fengcheng Government for its affirmation. He also hoped that Fengcheng Government could combine local advantages, use resources to enhance its comprehensive strength, and vigorously support the development of enterprises to achieve "government and enterprise" cooperation Win-win results!
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