Zhejiang Normal University Student Representatives Cameto Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Lt for Investigation.
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2019-7-12 16:29:50
    On June 24, 2019, nearly 300 student representatives from Zhejiang Normal University, under the leadership of leading teachers, went to Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Hub Co., Ltd. for investigation Jin Jinghai, director of Human Resources Department of Kaida Co., Ltd.,warmly receivedthem and accompanied to visit the Jinfei factoryhistory exhibition hall, the production and operation supervision center and the automation production workshop.
    Students enter the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall, feel the historical culture inherited by the enterprise, and understand the development process of the enterprise in the past 60 years, the current industrial layout and future development planning. Subsequently, they visited the production supervision center.
    While the students understand that the "production supervision center" developed by Jinfei brings convenience to enterprises, they also know that the development and growth of enterprises can not be separated from the progress of science and technology. The progress of science and technology can not be separated from the development of automation and intellectualization. At the automation production site,students understand the production process, research and development technology and brand building of automotive aluminum alloy wheel.
    During this visit, the students of Zhejiang Normal University have benefited a lot and also they expressed their admiration for the enterprise's determination to stick to industry for 60 years.
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