Wu Yiyi, Director of Shanghai Office of Thailand Investment Promotion Committee and Investment Consul of Thailand Consulate General in Shanghai, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Hub Co., Ltd for Inveatigation and Research
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   On May 27, 2019, Wu Yiyi, Director of the Shanghai Office of the Thailand Investment Promotion Committee and Consul General of Thailand in Shanghai, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Hub Co., Ltd for investigation and research.Ge Qianyun, Minister of Investment and Finance of Kaida Co., Ltd., warmly received them and accompanied to visit Jinfei factory history exhibition hall and the production supervision center.

    At Jinfei factory historyexhibition hall, Minister Ge introduced in detail to Director Wu's party about current industrial layout of Jinfei, its 60-year development history, future development direction and the work done in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Then they went to the conference room for a discussion.
    At the meeting, Minister Ge gave a detailed introduction to Director Wu and his delegation on the progress of Watson Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s annual production of 3 million aluminum alloy wheel projects. After the exchange, Director Wu said that Watson's manufacturing project is an important milestone in the internationalization of Jinfei. In order to promote enterprise investment, the Investment Promotion Commission of Thailand has formulated a series of preferential policies. With the strategic development of Jinfei and the development of international vision, Jinfei will surely be able to develop better and better.
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