Chen Qianhua, Vice Chairman of the Jingmen CPPCC of Hubei Province, Visited the Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd.for a Visit
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2019-4-20 16:05:58

      On April 16, 2019, Chen Qianhua, vice chairman of the Jingmen CPPCC of Hubei Province, visited the Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd for a visit and Feng Hong, the vice president of the group, warmly received them and accompanied  to visit Jinfei factory history exhibition hall,the production supervision center and the automated production workshop.

      At Jinfei factory history exhibition hall, Mrs. Feng first introduced Chairman Chen and his party about the current industrial layout and development plan of Jinfei. Later, she also introduced the main deeds of each stage in the development process of Jinfei, and exchanged and communicated with Chairman Chen on personnel training, party building, cultural and sports activities, etc. Later, Mrs. Feng accompanied Chairman Chen and his delegation to visit the production supervision center.
     After 20 years of rapid development after restructuring, Jinfei has become a global cross-regional manufacturing enterprise group. The establishment of production supervision center can provide decision-making basis for company's production, energy saving and safety.
      Subsequently, under the leadership of Mrs. Feng, Chairman Chen and his delegation visited the automation workshop. Mrs. Feng introduced in detail to Chairman Chen about the production process, product development, production and operation status, as well as the level of scientific and technological research and development and the introduction of talents. After hearing Mrs.Feng's introduction, Chairman Chen praised our diversified aluminium alloy wheel products and highly affirmed that Jinfei was based on the development of real economy.
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