Xu Jianxin, Vice President of Zhejiang Higher Education Institute, Visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd for a Visit and Research
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   On April 19, 2019, Xu Jianxin, Vice President of Zhejiang Provincial College of Higher Education Institute, accompanied by Fan Xixiang, Vice President of Jinhua Intermediate Court, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Hub Co., Ltd for a visit and research. He Dongting, President of Kaida Company, and Ge Qianyun, Minister of Investment and Finance warmly received them and accompanied to the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall, the production and operation supervision center and the automation oroduction workshop.

    Mr. He introduced to president.Xu and his delegation in detail about the development course of Jinfei in the past 60 years, current industrial layout, strategic objectives and future development plan, as well as its achievements in technological innovation, automation and informationization in recent years.
    At the automation production site, Mr.He introduced to President Xu and his party about the production process of high-end and personalized aluminium alloy wheel, modern automatic production line and the current production and operation situation of the enterprise, and then they went to the conference room for a discussion.
    At the meeting, Mr.He exchanged with President Xu on the next development direction and market layout of enterprises. President Xu said that Jinfei has a high reputation in Jinhua, and the strategic objectives formulated are very clear. He affirmed that Jinfei has been always adhering to industry and focused on the real economy. The Provincial College of Higher Learning, with the theme of "three constructions" - style construction, quality construction, ideological construction and "three services" - serving enterprises, serving the masses and serving the grassroots level, has conducted in-depth research activities in enterprises and listened to the opinions of enterprises. Mr.He said that the courts at all levels have given enterprises great confidence because of their long-standing support. It is hoped that the courts will strengthen their efforts to crack down on the old ladies such as "debt evasion and cancellation", protect the rights and interests of enterprises and solve the problems of "difficult execution". President Xu said that the court had taken relevant measures to solve the problem and achieved initial results. In the follow-up, the court will further strengthen the enforcement and protection of cases, safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises, and wish Jinfei becoming better and better.
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