Jinfei Kaida Lean Manufacturing Management System Construction Project was Officially Launched
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2019-4-17 9:00:41

     On April 8, 2019, the launching meeting of the Lean Manufacturing Management System Construction Project of Jinfei Kaida was held in the training room on the third floor of Jinfei Science and Technology Building. Fan Xiaogang, Executive Vice President of Xizi Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Chen Qinming and Li Ruowang, Senior Consulting Tutors, Ge Bingzao, Chairman of Jinfei Kaida Wheel Hub Co., Ltd., and President He Dongting, and other backbone members of various factories participated in the meeting. The start-up meeting was chaired by Mr. He, President of Kaida Company.

     President Fan gave a brief introduction to Xizi Research Institute of Zhejiang University and members of the project team. He hoped that through the joint efforts of experts of Xizi Research Institute and all members of Jinfei, Jinfei's lean manufacturing management system could be successfully established. Subsequently, the project manager, Mr. Chen Qinming, introduced the overall plan, schedule and expected objectives of the project in detail.
     Finally, Mr.Ge gave instructions to the project. Mr.Ge said: at the present, the enterprise is still in the stage of extensive management. The company's 2025 strategic plan also clearly put forward the requirements of transformation to lean management enterprises. In the current full market competition background and enterprise transformation and upgrading process, the company cooperates with Xizi Research Institute to start the lean manufacturing management system construction project. The purpose is to cultivate a large number ofJinfei lean backbone  through the implementation of the project, and through the lean backbone to truly infiltrate the lean thinking into all grass-roots employees.
    For the pre-selected lean backbone, Mr.Ge also clearly put forward two requirements: first, the concept must be changed so that the lean backbonecan truly accept lean ideas from the heart; second, through this project, everyone should learn more about lean tools, methods and change passive learning into active learning and also use tools and methods to improve their performance.
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