The Deputy Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Governor Ruan Chengfa and His Group visited Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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    On December 1ST, 2017, Li Guorong- the Deputy Secretary of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Governor Ruan Chengfa, Zong Guoying -member of Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and standing deputy governor,  Li Wenrong-secretary of the CPC Qujing Municipal       Committee, Dong Baotong-Deputy Party Secretary and mayor ,Tang Kairong-secretary of the CPC Fuyuan County Party Committee visited Yunnan Fuyuan Jinfei wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.. Yunnan Jinfei chairman Chen Jingao and general manager Li Wencai warm received them.

    Chairman Chen and Manager Li accompanied Governor Ruan and his party on visiting  wheel production workshop of car wheels, motorcycle wheels successively and introduced the production scale, technological process and automated spray workshop.
    During visiting the painting workshop, Vice Governor Zong asked whether the painting workshop would cause sewage or other environmental problems. Chairman Chen introduced that our company would adopt advanced environmental treatment equipment to ensure the standard of sewage treatment Emissions,and would not adversely affect the surrounding environment, and also indicated that Jinfei in Fuyuan would be a-hundred year and beneficial enterprise, strictly implementing company's environmental policy, law-abiding, energy saving, pollution prevention, continuously improving and producing high quality environmentally friendly products.
    On the way to visit, Fuyuan County Committee Secretary Tang Kairong referred to the ambitious vision of building a production base for automobile and motorcycle spare parts in the southwest area. Chairman Chen will told them that through a series of business invitations, Jinfei would introduce a number of leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry such as Wanliyang Group and the Greater Yangtze River Group to invest in Fuyuan.After hearing that , Governor Ruan showed great interest and gave praise and encouragement. Governor Ruan said he hoped that Jinfei in Fuyuan would take the lead to promote the economic development of Fuyuan County while contributing to the development of the Fuyuan aluminum industry chain, intensive development, cluster development and the development of the non-ferrous metals industry in Qujing.
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