Deputy Director of Zhejiang Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Committee Lu Yaohui visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida wheel Co., Ltd.
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2017-11-17 8:49:52
   On November 9, 2017, Deputy Director Lu Yaohui of Zhejiang Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Committee inspected our company. He Dongtai, the deputy general manager of Kaida Company and relevant responsible persons enthusiastically received Director Lu and his entourage.
   GM He with other chiefs accompanied Lu and his party visited this production workshop and introduced the production process of the alloy wheels and the main work done by Jinfei in promoting industrial automation and informatization construction such as flexible production lines, manipulators which are the use of automated equipment, and development and application of product QR code traceability system.
   During the forum, GM He introduced Director Lu and his entourage about the development of the Company in recent years, the future development strategy and the technology research and development direction. Director Lu introduced to the participants that The Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Committee as an organization that bring together elites will closely follow the principle of "three must gather together" to do a good job in intelligence services and demonstration and promotion of massive economic enterprises in intelligent manufacturing , And promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprise intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, Director Lu fully affirmed the fostering and building of this innovative capability of innovation in the Internet and Internet of Things era. And he hope Jinfei can work together with the Intelligent Manufacturing Committee to contribution to a force in promoting the intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading work.


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