Jinhua CPPCC Chairman Tao Chenghua, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Fu Lichang and their partyto visit Zhejiang JinfeiKaida Wheel Co., Ltd. for investigation and research
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     On September 21, 2017, Jinhua CPPCC Chairman Tao Chenghua, vice chairman of the CPPCC Fu Lichang and their party came to Zhejiang JinfeiKaida Wheel Co., Ltd. for investigation and research. Chairman of Kaida CompanyGeBingzao warmly received the Chairman Tao and his party.

    Chairman Tao and his party visited the company's automated production site, and GeBingzao introduced the company's flexible production line, automation equipment, manipulator and technological process of production to them.
    Then, Chairman Tao and his party had a discussion with Chairman Ge in the conference room.
    At the meeting, Chairman Geintroduced the basic situation of the company's current production and operation, industrial layout, technology research to Chairman Tao and his party and also demonstrated confidence in deep engaging in manufacturing industry and developing the real economy.
    Business confidence comes from itself. Chair Ge said that the manufacturing industry is the basis of economic development, but the manufacturing industry is facing the complex development situation. The traditional extensive development model is no longer adapted to the development of the times, and the price war is also no longer adapted to the international environment. As resources, manpower and other production factors changed, consumers’requirements on the enterprise is increasingly improving and product quality and brand effect in the enterprise development process has become increasingly prominent. In recent years, through a series of measures, such as scientific and technological research and development, product upgrades, resource integration, personnel training and management model innovation, the company is continuously enhancing the overall strength of enterprises, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of products and brand influence.
    Confidence of business comes from government. Chairman Ge said that as a driving force for enterprise development, talents play a decisive role in the process of enterprise development, and hopes that the Government can introduce targeted university cooperation policy, strengthenthe recruitment oftalented people, solve the identity of the landing talent, and promote the construction of enterprise research institute, so that the production ,study and research are more seamlessly jointed. At the same time, we hope that the Government can further create a business environment of encouraging the development of the real economy and introduce measures such as "running up to" beneficial to people and enterprises.
    Chairman Tao and his party earnestly listened to Chairmen Ge’s report, and  praised Jinfei is unswervingly deeply engaging in manufacturingindustry and is the model of real economy transformation and upgrading in Jinhua, and evensaid that a business development is inseparable from a pragmaticand devoted entrepreneur. Chairman Tao also said that the departments should adhere to the enterprise as the main body, and vigorously support the real economy, and strengthenenterprise services and provide funds, talents, technology and platforms for enterprise development in order to boost enterprise development.
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