The deputy secretary of Jinhua City and the acting mayor Yin Xuequn and his entourage arrived in Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd for investigationand research
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      August 31, 2017, then deputy secretary of Jinhua City and the acting mayor Yin Xuequn and his entourage arrived in Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co.,Ltd for investigation and research.Chairman Ge Bingzao warmly received the mayor and his party.

     In the product exhibition room ,chairman Ge introduced various types of the products and the product process to Yin mayor and he showed a strong interestto our company's aluminum alloy wheel products after carefullistening.    
     After that, Yin mayor and chairman Ge hold a meeting in the conference room.
     During the meeting, chairman Ge introduced the current production and sales situation of the company, the strategic policy of the company "around the resource construction factory, close to the market distribution and marketing"and the future development plan of the company.Chairman Ge and mayor Yin exchanged ideas about how to make the healthy and steady development of the company.
     Chairman Ge said that to create a domestic first-class, internationally renowned enterprises, there are many key factors, such as internal factors like products, quality, equipment and technology, external factors such as the market, policies and guidelines. But the most critical factor is still the talents. How to attract talents, retain talents, establish and improve the training mechanism of talents requires not only the company’s own efforts, but also government’s policy support (such as the construction of enterprise research institutes, corporate talent housing, schooling of employees’ children and so on).
     Yin mayor showed a fully confirmation to the development of Jinfei after listening to chairman Ge’s introduction and he said that the development of the manufacturing sector is the cornerstone of social and economic development, it is the lifeblood of a national development. Under the environment of financial industry and real estate industry frenzy chase,the fact that Jinfei can still be decades to maintain a pure heart, deeply plowing the spirit of manufacturing industry is awe.Yin mayor also said that the government departments must establish a good service awareness, deepen the implementation of "atmost to run once", offer multi-channel for enterprises to solve problems, listen to the business, entrepreneurial aspirations and provide a healthy, stable and rapid environmentfor enterprises development.
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