Guiyang Qingzhen City Municipal People''s Congress Deputy Director Zhang Tao and his party to visit Jinfei Kaida for investigation and research
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2017-08-04 10:04:07

    On August 2, Guiyang Qingzhen Municipal People's Congress Deputy Director Zhang Tao and his party visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. for investigation and research. The company Chairman Ge Bingzao, general manager Ye Longqin, and others warmly received them.

   Deputy director Zhang Tao and his party visited the company's product showroom and automated production site, and then had a discussion in the conference room. Mr. Ge Bingzao introduced them the current production and operation status, technology research and development level and future development plan, and also listened to Director Zhang and his party to introduce the industry development and the distribution of aluminum resources in Qingzhen City and other basic information.
    Deputy director Zhang Tao and his party highly praised the rapid development of Jinfei, and showed a strong interest on the wheels with Jinfei characteristic in the hope that they would have the opportunity to cooperate with Jinfei in the future, and also hope that Jinfei can go to Qinzhen to investigate and cooperate to achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation.
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