Zhejiang JinfeiKaidWheel Co., Ltd has been awarded the title of "Zhejiang Trademark and Brand Demonstration Enterprise "
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     On the afternoon of 27thMay ,jinhua logo brand conference was held in the city cultural center.The deputy secretary of the CPC committee, mayorJiJumin, attended the meeting and made a speach. Deputy director of the provincial industrial and commercial bureau Fang Jintu, deputy director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress Chen Zhishen, deputy mayor Shao Guoqiang, vice President of the municipal committee of the people's political consultative conference RongAnhua and other leaders attended the meeting.

    In 2016, the implementation of the brand strategy of jinhua city has achieved remarkable results. Brand support policy system perfecting, total maintained rapid growth, regional brand accumulation effect appeared gradually, creates the brand service system perfect, mature brands use and protection for reinforcement. But there are still brand imbalance in the development of quantity and quality, brand concentration and cultivate the unreasonable structure and the development of the brand awareness and brand value does not match the board and the insufficiency, etc.
    The mayor JiJunmin stressed at the meeting that to further enhance brand awareness, enhance brand awareness, brand awareness and brand "go out" consciousness. Further build high-grade brand, the enterprise should be good quality, cheap price , brand, revitalize the three articles and brand marketing, and points out that the spirit of the brand, is the originality, is to work, is to adhere to.
    In the Conference, recognition of the city at the corresponding level for 2016 year China well-known trademark enterprise, to the provincial, city famous trademark enterprise representatives and provincial, city brand demonstration county (city, area), villages and towns (street), demonstration enterprise and brand base on behalf of the opening ceremony. Zhejiang JinfeiKaidWheel Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of "Zhejiang Trademark and Brand Demonstration Enterprise ".
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